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Other Lace Designs

The patterns for all my designs are available from Roseground Lace Supplies in the UK. They also stock all the threads and accessories that I use and recommend in all my designs. They are more than happy to ship to anywhere in the world.

Beginners Bookmarks

Beginners Torchon Bookmarks


Torchon Lace Rainbow


Torchon Small Square Coasters

Fine Torchon Edging

Fine Torchon Lace Hanky Edging

Simple Fan and Spider Edging

Torchon Simple Spider and Fan Edging

Honeycomb and Spider Edging

Torchon Honeycomb and Spider Edging

Circular Mat with Beads

Circular Torchon Mat with Beads

Square Mat

Six Inch Square Torchon Mat

Leaf Sprig Mat

Torchon Leaf Sprig Mat

Heather's Garter

Torchon Lace Garter

Liza's Garter

Torchon Garter

Bedfordshire Hearts Hanky

Bedfordshire Lace Hanky


Mixed Lace Owl

Bucks Point Motif

Bucks Point Motif
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