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About the Designer

Claire has been making bobbin lace since 1993, learning her craft initially under Pat Read MBE and later Jacquie Tinch. After gaining a good grounding in Torchon, Bedfordshire and Bucks Point laces she moved on to Milanese Lace and developed a real love for this style, as well as a flair for designing. Claire has developed her own recognisable signature contemporary style.

She has achieved a City and Guilds Certificate in Creative Lacemaking and has a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Claire has been teaching lace since the mid 2000s and does so in a range of settings across the UK. She quickly gained a reputation for her open and easy manner and for being an excellent communicator with all levels of lacemaker, her classes and courses are always popular.

Claire has won a number of prizes and awards with her work, most notably the Individual's Trophy and Visitors Choice awards at the Lace Guild's "Contrasts" exhibition for her Art Deco Lady as well as a medal of excellence at their earlier "Movement" exhibition for her Waterlily mat.

Claire has created an impressive collection of lace designs. The majority are worked in Modern Milanese using a selection of Milanese and Withof techniques, there is also a smaller selection of primarily Torchon designs. All her designs are available to purchase online from

Some of Claire's designs are backed up with a range of YouTube videos on her "Bonitocrafts" channel.

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